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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to MCG’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Our goal is to provide you with the responses to typical questions asked by our clients that will help you make the right loan choice. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us toll free at (310) 265-4492 with any additional questions you may have.

  1. What is a private money loan?
  2. Are interest rates and fees higher on a private money loans?
  3. What about interest only mortgage payments?
  4. Does the private money loan programs offered through have a pre-payment penalty?
  5. Is an appraisal required?
  6. Are tax returns required?
  1. Wnat type of pre-payment fee is required?
  2. Is this type of loan program offered?
  3. Is non-recourse available?
  1. What is a CMBS loan?
  2. Is this loan program available?
  1. What is defeasance?
  2. How does defeasance work?
  1. What is yield maintenance?
  1. Why should consider you for my next income property loan?